III Multidisciplinary Masterclass – Advanced and Metastatic Breast Cancer

Localização: On-line
Endereço: On-line
Data: 29/06/23 - 30/06/23
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The event, in association with the American Hospital of Paris and Weill Cornell Medicine, is organized by Lacort Medical. The Multidisciplinary Masterclass features leading pathologists, physicians, radiologists and researchers presenting on various topics of Breast Cancer and also offers several live Q&A sessions allowing participants to directly interact with the event’s moderators.

This will be the third installment of the virtual Multidisciplinary Masterclass. The previous two Masterclasses were tremendously successful, reaching participants from all over the globe however we wish to reach even more pathologists and members of the scientific community this year.

MARQUE EM SUA AGENDA Google Outlook.com
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