Dermatopathology Worldwide: The Importance of Dermatopathology in Dermatology for Better Clinical Care Worldwide

Localização: The World Congress of Dermatology (WCD) in Singapore (July 3-8, 2023).
Data: 03/07/23 - 08/07/23

 Dermatopathology Worldwide:

The Importance of Dermatopathology in Dermatology for Better Clinical Care Worldwide

Organizing Committee

Anjela Galan, MD (USA), Rossitza Lazova, MD (USA), Joyce Lee, MD (Singapore)

Goals & Objectives

  1. To demonstrate the crucial role of dermatopathology in the diagnosis of dermatologic diseases
  2. To showcase the range of tests that can be performed on skin biopsies
  3. To demonstrate the efforts of the International League of Dermatopathology Societies in increasing the knowledge and standards of practice in dermatopathology worldwide
  4. To bring to light the expertise of dermatopathologists from around the world
  5. To introduce new emerging roles of dermatopathology in the diagnostic process

Program and Speakers:

1:30-1:35 Anjela Galan (USA) Welcome address

  1. 1:35 Anjela Galan, MD (USA) The Importance of Emergency Biopsies
  2. 1:45 Dieter Metze, MD (Germany) Hereditary Desmosomal Dysfunction – a New Type of Acantholysis
  3. 1:55 Franco Rongioletti, MD (Italy) Unforgettable Cases Solved by the Microscope
  4. 2:05 Wayne Grayson, MD (South Africa) Clinico-Pathological Correlation in Cutaneous Mycobacterial Infections
  5. 2:15 Sujay Khandpur, MD (India) Clinico-Histopathological Tight Spot
  6. 2:25 Martin Sangueza, MD (Bolivia)The Importance of the Clinical-Pathological Correlation in Developing Countries
  7. 2:35 Catherine Stefanato, MD (UK) Chronic Traction Alopecia: The Silent Hair Follicle Killer
  8. 2:45 Tammie Ferringer, MD (USA) Appropriate Use Criteria in Dermatopathology: What Does it Mean for Dermatology?
  9. 2:55 Sook Jung Yun, MD (South Korea) The Importance of Dermatopathology in Acral Tumors
  10. 3:05 Dirk Elston, MD (USA) How to Get the Best Yield From Your Biopsies

3:15 Questions and Answers

3:25-3:50 Break

  1. 3:50 Yuhung Wu, MD (Taiwan) Pitfalls in Diagnosing the Problematic Seborrheic Keratoses
  2. 4:00 Victor Prieto, MD (USA) Diagnosis of Systemic Diseases in Skin Biopsy: Dermatopathology to the Rescue!
  3. 4:10 Suat Hoon Tan, MD (Singapore) Making Dermatologic Diagnoses Through the Looking Glass
  4. 4:20 Reem El Bahtimi, MD (UAE) Unexpected Biopsy Results
  5. 4:30 Aleodor Andea, MD (USA) The Role of Molecular Pathology in Dermatology
  6. 4:40 Francisco Bravo, MD (Peru) Porokeratosis, Revisited
  7. 4:50 Richard Scolyer, MD (Australia)Borderline Melanocytic Tumours and the Concept of Melanocytomas: Update for WHO 5th Edition Classification of Skin Tumours
  8. 5:00 Omar Sangueza, MD (USA) Saved by the Patient
  9. 5:10 RajendraSingh, MD (USA) The Role of Artificial intelligence in Dermatopathology

5:20 Questions and Answers

5:30 Adjourn

Important: This ILDS Sister Society Meeting is free to attend with registration for the WCD:



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